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About Us

Timber Style Structures is a long standing Timber Frame building business, building wooden homes and top Extentions to existing home is the Western Cape.   

Timber frame construction is a light weight form of building and there is no need to under pin your foundations when wanting to add a new top extention onto your existing home.

Our Services are as follows:

1.   Vertical Extention, make your single storey home into a double storey with OSB

      Plaster Board or Nutec external finish.

2.   Garage top extention - Go up on your existing garage! Ideal for office, teenage pad or   

      Extra living space, all with internal or external staircases - Specials - Contact us.

3.   Timber Decks, wooden staircases and Pergolas.

4.   Carpentry works: Kitchen cupboards, shelving, doors, window repairs, skirting’s,

      Fascia’s etc. Fantastic group of finishing hands available for all your woodwork needs.

5.   Full Timber Homes Specializing in Stilts above the ground.

6.   Renovation work – All carpentry works and brickwork, plastering, skimming etc.

7.   1, 2 and 3 bedroomed cottages - Ideal for plots or in the back of your garden.

8.   We work on the mountain slopes around Cape Town.

9.   Nutec Cladding – Re-cladding old houses were the client wants a low maintenance product and quality finish in Fiber Cement as opposed to re plastering.

All projects include building plans and a qualified structural engineer.

“Designed with you in mind”

 Light weight construction - No need to under pin foundations.

"Quality Timber Framed Homes at its best “

Build up on your existing garage.

Create space for either:   Studio, office or extra accommodation.

Call us now for a quote on our:

3 x 6 - Single Garage.

6 x 6 - Double Garage.

Custom sizes for the larger Garages.

All with outside or inside staircases.

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